What is Resurrecting Blue?

What if you found out you could create worlds? What if your dreams evolved into reality at the stroke of a pen? What if you opened your mind and constructed a utopia where you felt safety in your happiness?…What you found out, you might not be safe at all?

Resurrecting Blue is a tale about a young girl who seemingly stumbles into a great gift. Only, she might not have stumbled, and what she has may be more of a curse than a gift.

This blog is not traditional. This is a book that I will post chapter by chapter. But for all my learning, I’ve always been a better story teller than a writer. So feel free to correct me. Just leave a post and tell me how to straighten it out. I’m always up for a good opinion, even if I don’t use it. And tell me what you think I should make clearer. I never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Come along on the journey and tell your friends. This story is amazing and it’s free! What more do you want?


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